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Cost Accountants

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Maintenance of cost records adds value to the Business in following ways:

Most scientific way to compute the cost of product, Quality Control and Testing costs including a fair allocation of overheads.

It helps in pricing, profitability and tax planning.

It helps in cost control by applying of various tools.

It helps in preparing long term business planning, business modelling and evaluating new investment and business proposals.

A good Cost Accounting System helps in activities, losses or inefficiencies in any form.

Useful for identifying the exact causes for decrease or increase in the, profit/loss of the business.

It also helps in identifying unprofitable products or product lines so that these may be eliminated or alternative measures may be taken.

It provides information and data to the management to serve as guides in making decisions involving financial considerations. Guidance may also be given by the Cost Accountant on a host of problems such as, whether to purchas or manufacture a given component, whether to accept orders below cost, which machine to purchase when a number of choices are available.